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Jikiden Reiki 
Japanese Energy Healing in its purest form

Client Testimonials

  • I received distance Reiki by Sylvia on the eve of my surgery. I had been anxious all day, but after the treatment I felt surprisingly calm and much better mentally. Bridget

  • I was in Poland and had remote Reiki by Sylvia over hundreds of miles - it was so relaxing and I fell asleep. As soon as she stopped the treatment, I woke up. That can't be a coincidence. Camilla

  • Would a remote treatment really work? I didn't know what to expect and - admittedly - I was rather apprehensive, but after my treatments I've been sleeping a lot better and my shoulders and neck do definitely feel a bit less knotted up & tense. I had the [three mini] treatments at a time when I was really stressed and over-busy, and it really helped just taking time out to be calm and focus on looking after myself. Thank you so much, Sylvia! Tricia 

  • Sylvia has been treating my 90 year old aunt Alice several times for her arthritis in her knees and although my aunt’s arthritis is quite severe and a long-standing issue, Alice really notices a big difference after every Reiki session.
    We are both very impressed and delighted. Thanks from Laura and Alice x


  • I had my first ever Reiki session a few weeks ago and it was brilliant. Never expected to feel so relaxed afterwards. Would highly recommend this to people. Great if you are feeling stressed and want to relax
    Will definitely come again! Danielle


  • I received a Reiki treatment from Sylvia, and after initial trepidation – didn’t know what to expect – I found the process very relaxing and enjoyable. I felt very relaxed on leaving the session and can honestly say it massively contributed
    to relaxing me during a very stressful period.
    I’d definitely recommend both the process and Sylvia! Jane


  • I booked in for a taster session. Loved meeting Sylvia and found her very professional and reassuring. I had a good experience and would be very happy to recommend. Sylvia also followed up and was very supportive. A wonderful lady. Anne

  • After only 10 minutes of treatment, I noticed an improvement in my hay fever - my nose stopped running, my eyes were not as itchy - could it be the Reiki? I was just lying there. When I go to bed, I'm only just lying there - but my hay fever symptoms drive me crazy. Jikiden Reiki seems to work. Incredible! Karen

  • Great – I have already experienced Jikiden Reiki by Sylvia several times for myself (neck and back pain during pregnancy in particular) and also for my baby daughter (it calmed her incredibly and supported her sleep; wonderful). My partner, who is a rather intellectual sceptic, got treatment for his tennis elbow and he was positively surprised and went for a second session (yes, it helped him despite being a non-believer initially). I can only recommend Sylvia's Jikiden Reiki treatments! Barbara

  • I had never heard of Jikiden Reiki before, but I was recommended seeing Sylvia as I was troubled with a very painful Achilles heel and had difficulty walking. Maybe I shouldn’t have played football with the kids the day before! I didn’t know what to expect and was seriously wondering if Jikiden Reiki would make any difference whatsoever, but as soon as Sylvia started the Jikiden Reiki treatment, my heel and foot and part of my leg started to tingle and I felt warmth. It was like a smooth electricity running through foot and heel. For a short time the pain increased, but then got weaker – so something must have happened after all! After only one session I was able to walk again, pain-free. Wow! Peggy

  • As I was curious to try a new relaxation therapy I went along to meet Sylvia at The Fountain Spa. Sylvia explained the principles behind Reiki and how it might benefit me. Her knowledge and calm demeanour enabled me to relax into what was a blissful treatment where she was able to pinpoint areas of stress within my body. The initial appointment was a taster and now I’ve booked for another session. Mrs Wood

  • While waiting for my medical test results I was all over the place and extremely worried. A few Jikiden Reiki sessions helped me to relax and I felt so much better - it couldn't have been anything else, but these regular treatments.
    They really put my mind at ease. Gail


  • After a bereavement I felt very vulnerable and depleted of energy. Regular Jikiden Reiki treatments kept me going and helped me to relax. It was essential to give myself some TLC. Thank you, Sylvia. Joan



Disclaimer: Reiki treatments are not meant to replace traditional health care.

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