Twisted Roof Structure

Jikiden Reiki 

Japanese Healing in its purest form

Treatments ...

... are now remotely.

As Jikiden Reiki is energy work, it works
incredibly well remotely.

In fact, I'll be treating NHS health care professionals

as part of a big healing project and will report
our findings as soon as we know more. 


Call, text or WhatsApp 07904 427122 to arrange your treatment.

  • One hour session for £50 now £35 remotely

  • Half an hour session for £30 now £20 remotely

  • Three half hour sessions
    (to be taken within four weeks) for £50 remotely 


Limited introductory offers: 20 minutes for £12 remotely


20 % off your first full one hour treatment



If you have any questions, please contact Sylvia on whatisthealternative(at)