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Jikiden Reiki 
Japanese Energy Healing in its purest form

What is Jikiden Reiki?


Jikiden Reiki is Japanese energy healing in its purest, most authentic form.  

It is an energy healing practice that uses the life force energy (qi or chi) that is all around us and part of us.

This supportive energy stimulates and accelerates the body’s natural self-healing ability with amazing results.

Why Jikiden Reiki, rather than just Reiki?

Both Western Reiki and Jikiden Reiki originated in Japan, created by Mikao Usui Sensei. 

Western Reiki was imported to the western world by Mrs. Hawayo Takata, a Japanese American.
westernised Reiki and the large majority of Reiki is practised in this form. 

Jikiden Reiki - Jikiden means directly transmitted or from the source - keeps the practice as true, pure and

authentic as possible to the original methods taught by Mikao Usui Sensei.
It's all about the most effective and most 
straightforward way to support the body's own healing capacity. 


What happens during a Jikiden Reiki treatment?


After a brief consultation the client lies down on a comfortable massage table (fully clothed/in their bathrobe) and the practitioner lays her hands gently and non-intrusively on the client.

When experiencing Jikiden Reiki remotely, we'll have a brief consultation by phone so I can find out what you'd like to address - general relaxation, specific ailments etc.
You'll then make yourself comfortable in your home or favourite place in nature and I will start the treatment. As it is energy healing, it will work equally well remotely. After the treatment or on the following day, we will talk again.  

I will be able to ascertain which parts of your body are holding more toxins and therefore need more Reiki and I will treat these areas specifically, generally Reiki energy flows to where it is needed and your body will activate its self-healing 


What does the client experience?


Clients report different experiences and common sensations include warmth, heat, cold, tingling, heaviness or lightness – or even no sensation at all.


Most clients feel a deep sensation of warmth, well-being, comfort, deep relaxation, and revitalisation as well as pain relief.


The benefits a client experiences usually last a while, about 12 – 24 hours, as the effect of Reiki goes on long beyond the end of the session itself.

What does Reiki do?


A Reiki treatment supports the whole person in a holistic way, i.e. physically, emotionally, mentally.

Reiki can support many illnesses and injuries, e.g. it relaxes stressed muscles, eases pain, heals burns, bruises and wounds, relaxes and stills the mind and so much more.

When the body is deeply relaxed, its natural self-healing powers can be stimulated. Reiki is much, much more than a relaxing therapy – it has a history of success with chronic illness, has shown to accelerate healing and to lessen the

side effects of chemotherapy.

For a range of studies, please go to PubMed.

Some reported benefits:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety - I've treated many clients before surgery

  • Deep relaxation

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Hay fever relief 

  • Strengthening the immune system 

  • Quicker wound healing

  • Reducing body pain and aches; e.g. joint pain, colic in babies

  • Lessening side effects of chemotherapy

Are there any contra-indications?


Not at all, Jikiden Reiki is a safe, gentle and effective therapeutic energy treatment – even if you don’t believe in it.


It is completely safe in every situation and great for everybody – during pregnancy, for babies, children, frail and elderly people. You can never receive too much Reiki. One of its greatest and most common 'side effects' is a healthy good

night's sleep. 


Honestly, can it really work?

A great percentage of people do not fully believe in the effectiveness of a Jikiden Reiki treatment until they experience one themselves.

So, come and check out this amazing therapy … seeing is believing!

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