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Hello, I'm Sylvia and ...

Nice to meet you

I make people smile, laugh, giggle, enjoy themselves and

I absolutely love seeing the difference 

after we have 'worked' together.

Participants have a big grin on their face,

are energised and you can even hear the smile in their voice.  

What do I do? 

You know the expression 'Dance like nobody is watching', right?

Well, I get you to laugh like nobody is watching.

I am a Laughter Yoga Leader.

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter, of course, isn't anything new. And neither is yoga.

But the combination -- Laughter Yoga -- is a unique concept, that 

combines laughter with yoga breathing techniques and has many health benefits. 

Join me for a wee taster:

Are you ready to experience the benefits

for yourself and your team?

For the time being online only - great to connect teams when working remotely!

I'm so convinced you'll love it, I offer a money back guarantee!

Let's chat, and laugh  ...

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Photo credit: Rebecca Douglas Photography, Ramsgate

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