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Let's laugh together

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Let me tell you a little bit about my Laughter Yoga journey:

  • In 2011, I took part in my first Laughter Yoga session

  • I loved the feeling of joy, playfulness and lightness and
    after the session I felt very uplifted


Since then I came across Laughter Yoga a few times,
but stayed in my business jobs (I managed a couple of SMEs, then a charity), so it took another nine years until I eventually trained as a Laughter Yoga Leader.

I love this job and you might be able to tell by the photographs? 

I have facilitated many Laughter Yoga sessions – and I am on a mission to make people feel good about themselves and the world.

That's exactly what we need right now - and it's never been more

As an alternative health practitioner (Jikiden Reiki and TRE®)
I'm most interested in and impressed with Laughter Yoga's health benefits.

Join me and experience how Laughter Yoga will make you and your team feel.

Photo credit: Rebecca Douglas, Ramsgate

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